Scenic Rim Tour 2015 – Two fun days, three great races!

If you haven’t heard about the Scenic Rim Tour yet, get on over to the SRT2015 Facebook page and check it out!Untitled-1

The tour is contested over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of August in three stages:

  1. Hilly Road Race around a challenging 26 km circuit, featuring a Cat 1 and Cat 2 climb (click here for the RR Cycling Profile map)
  2. A 15 km ITT sure to test anyone, especially those who’ve just done the road race! (click here for the ITT Cycling Profile map)
  3. Krazy Kermesse around a 7 km circuit just on the edge of Boonah township (click here for the Kermesse Cycling Profile map)

Think you can handle it? Then stay tuned for more details as we get better organised. The event will soon feature on the CQ website with entry available closer to the day!

Why not make it a family weekend away? There’s plenty to see and do. Just visit to get some ideas of where to go and where to stay (perhaps most importantly, where you’re going to collapse in a heap after the first day!).

Zec Media has also hopped on board to help out and we’re now Instagram connected! Click on the Insta badge below to check it out and keep checking back for updates!!