Time to replace your kit? The Tineli web shop is open again!

Here’s a message from our club Vice President, Geoff Stieler:

Dear Club Members,

After our first run of the new kit, it is time to open the shop again. The first run of kit has been well received and by all reports members are very happy. We have received positive feedback from many re our new design. And of course, if you have ANY issues with your kit, please contact us.

The new kit is again Tineli, so size and cut will be similar to what you are already wearing. For those either new to the club or who missed the first order, there will however be some significant changes to the way you order your kit. Tineli, like many clothing manufacturers, are providing a ‘team shop’. We, as a club, will now hold minimal stock in house and Tineli will hold a ‘virtual stock’. Several times a year, or when demand requires it, they will open their webshop so members can place orders. You will personally log on and place your order, paying for it on line and having the kit delivered to your chosen address. You will have more freedom in choosing the level/quality of kit, and even the option of modifying the kit – for example if you require extra length.

Price will again be low, and probably well below what you would pay for the more commercial brands. As there will be several options in each item, please refer to the webshop for exact pricing. Please note we have ordered a large number of socks with the previous order, so please contact Geoff Stieler regarding these. They are high quality and match the kit well.

It would also be great if the MTBers could be seen wearing our kit. The person passing you water bottles each lap will have no problem picking you out wearing this kit.

If any member is concerned regarding sizing, Tineli will give me a sample set of kits and you are welcome to contact me to try on kit: vicepresident@ipswichcyclingclub.org.au.

The shop will be open for three weeks and can be accessed on http://customorder.tineli.com/order/wgcxa/catalog

Geoff Stieler

Vice President 

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