Well,” may you ask, “what is cyclo-cross?

To find out you could read the Wikipedia entry *y482030_411699575553999_2118052644_nawn* or you could check out the video here from our 2010 Annual Cyclo-cross Carnival. In a nutshell, it’s cross-country bike racing – not quite road racing, not quite mountain biking, a little bit of running, hurdling, climbing stairs, etc.

Oh, and we forgot to mention the mud!

Image 29

If you don’t have a cyclo-cross (also known as CX) bike then the CX purists will no doubt pity you, BUT…
you can ride any bike you like (as long as it has brakes that work).

Some hairy-leg commuters on flat-bar road bikes see CX as a wonderful opportunity to get one up on their roadie snob counterparts. BMXers, MTBers and even the “I only ever ride my bike to the fish and chip shop” folks love to have a crack as well of course – and they’re all very welcome.

CX races are run like criteriums; instead of going for a fixed distance, the races go for a Image 41fixed time (30-60 mins for seniors, less for juniors) plus 1 lap.  The course is usually up to 2.5 km long and a bell is rung to alert riders to the final lap.

Anyone on a CA, MTBA or BMX licence may race in our annual carnival in June. If you don’t have one of these, you should be able to purchase a 1-day or 3-day permit at the race.


Basically CX is all about fun. It’s wonderful to watch and generates a great atmosphere all round.

Give it a go!


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