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Ipswich Cycling Club traces its origins back to 1892, when on the 6th of August the club was inaugurated following an attempt at the bicycle road record from the Brisbane Post Office to the Ipswich Post Office. The 42 km distance was covered in an impressive (for the day) 1 hour and 50 minutes, with the two riders impeded by wet conditions, closed gates, and some pretty average “roads”. It is said that they “both rode Eclipse clincher pneumatics, which gave every satisfaction“. Pneumatic tyres? Fancy!

The club has seen many changes over the years. Today we have over 120 racing, recreational and social members with active support from a range of sponsoring organisations.

1937 Junior Team L to R: J. Titmarch, D. Hamill, A Dowse, C. Mengel, S Buckley

1937 Junior Team
J. Titmarch, D. Hamill, A Dowse, C. Mengel, S Buckley

ICC members can be seen at a range of road racing events, as well as on the velodrome, out mountain biking in the hills, and on the cyclocross circuit.

We also have within our membership two world champions; Michael Hepburn and Craig Taylor.

Michael Hepburn on the road

Our Junior Development Program is growing and we have club coaches who can support members of all ages who are keen to take their performances to the next level.

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