Ipswich Cycling Club and Cycling Australia membership

To become a member of Ipswich Cycling Club you will need to visit the Cycling Australia website. Once you’re there, choose Ipswich CC from the dropdown list when prompted.


There are a range of membership packages available, whether you:

There are also non-riding memberships available for those who coach, officiate, volunteer, and administrate within the sport.

Ride (recreational) and Racing memberships also include  Personal Accident Insurance and up to $20m in Public Liability Insurance whenever you’re on your bike. Click here for full details.

Once you become a member of CA, send us an email to let us know who you are so we can make sure you get connected to other members, attend an event and don’t be too shy to say hello!

*See the MTB page for Mountainbike Australia membership


Website membership

If you’re a keen blogger and you’d like to share your cycling stories on this site, you can become a site member.

To become a registered member of this website, simply think up a site nickname and send it with your full name to We’ll review your club membership status and send you a password with instructions on how to complete your registration.

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